Bridal Party Drama

Future Brides and Grooms – PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR BRIDAL PARTY CAREFULLY…. True colors are shown during the wedding process. Here are some rules: If you pick a bridesmaid dress and your girls have critique after critique – Make a...

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Looking to Cut Wedding Budget

Weddings are expensive….. No doubt. If you need to cut back in certain areas please adhere to this advise…. There are 3 main vendors that you don’t want to go too cheap with….. 1. DJ / Emcee2. Photographer3. Wedding...

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In-Law Drama

Not getting along with the In Laws? Fact is this occurs more often than not. It’s unfortunate but sometimes, when parents are so used to having their child to themselves – and now find themselves in “second place” tension occurs. These issues can...

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What does a Sand Ceremony Symbolize?

A wedding sand ceremony (aka unity ceremony)  is a very simple idea that can be incredibly powerful. The wedding sand ceremony represents the coming together of two individuals as one.  Each individual will have in hand a vase with different...

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