Bridesmaid Dresses

Dear Brides, I need for you to be extra careful in picking out your bridesmaids dresses. I have been to way too many events were cleavage took the center stage, the wedding itself is a far fetched memory but the “EXTRA BOOBAGE” that I...

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How much for the wedding ring?

There has been a myth floating around for many centuries that the wedding ring should costs (AT LEAST) 3 months’ salary. In my opinion…. If your significant other can afford an extravagant ring then GREAT…….  If he cannot buy the “big ticket...

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Agree to Disagree

Marriage is not easy…. But at the same time it is a wonderful thing. Pointers to digest – you are 2 different people coming together as 1- you have your opinion and your partner has theirs, Knowing that you will not agree on everything and being...

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Who to Invite…. ?

It’s true. The first few years of marriage is the hardest. Of course while you are in the dating phase each one of you put your best foot forward to impress but it’s possible after a short while to get TOO COMFORTABLE. Here’s...

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