3 Important Things To Remember When Hiring Wedding Vendors

When choosing wedding vendors there are 3 things that are most important.


  • Vendor Communication – If communication is terrible from the beginning – I promise you that it will not get better later on. I believe that receiving a timely response from your vendor is so important. As a professional, it doesn’t matter if I have 1 millions things to do, when talking with your vendor you should feel like the only client that matters – It’s called undivided attention and respect.


  • Vendor Personality – You want to make sure that when you chose a wedding vendor you are both compatible … There is nothing worse than  working with someone that you really can’t tolerate.


  • Vendor Passion– You can tell almost immediately if a wedding vendor truly loves what they do or if it is merely just a paycheck. When professionals are working their passion it’s not a job – it’s a love and you will know that 100% commitment will be given.


Be wise in choosing your wedding vendors. If your wedding planner suggest certain vendors… Trust them. Preferred vendors are suggested to ensure that you have the Best of the Best.. working to make your wedding day memorable and magical. Preferred vendors are normally chosen based on your wedding planners experience with them. Your wedding planner is only going to refer someone that they know is professional, timely, personable and ones that truly love what they do.