5 Things you DO NOT need to buy for your wedding

When preparing for a wedding- you always get a huge checklist of items that you need to purchase, however, there are 5 things that are always listed that are not really needed for the big day.

As a wedding planner, I see sooo many items wasted at the end of the evening. Although minor details can really give your wedding a finished look – I would say to the budget conscious bride that there are some things that are not needed.  Here is the list of 5 items that are Unnecessary for the wedding day.

– Printed Save the dates- Now everyone has their opinion …. but I truly believe that if you are having printed invitations – the save the dates can be sent electronically. Spending money on the stationary card, plus printing, plus calligraphy writing, plus shipping is too much. Electronic save the dates are free or at a minimal cost. Would you care to save at least $500?

– Calligraphy on wedding invitations– Now I know that nothing beats a finished wedding invitation like calligraphy on the envelope- but remember nowadays you have calligraphy print format where you can print the labels rather than paying $4 per invite in addition to the cost of the invitation plus shipping. If you can save – why not?

– Wedding Programs– Unfortunately after the ceremony – I throw away at least 60-70% of the ceremony programs. If you choose to have a wedding program – perhaps you can make it as a “2 as in one/ multipurpose use ”… for example – outdoor/beach weddings the program can be used for both a program, fan & take home favor.

– Wedding Favors– At the end of the evening, so many wedding favors are thrown away. I always suggest in this covid age maybe hand sanitizer or mask (something that the guest can actually use after the wedding day). Renting a photo booth rather than buying favors is also an option. With photo booths each guest gets unlimited prints, it’s super entertaining for the guests (especially the cool props). In addition the photo booth attendant can print two copies of each photo and use one print for your guest book so guests can write a message for the couple (Entertainment, Guest Book & Favor in one).

– Menu Cards– Once guests have finished eating – they really have no purpose for keeping the menu. The menu looks great and adds customization to the table, however, it is not an item that is necessary.