6 Things To Do To Avoid Being Late On Your Wedding Day !

So, after doing some extensive research the number one nightmare for brides on their wedding day is being “Overly Late”.

Ways to avoid this:

1. Have a planner/ or a day of coordinator in place, unexpected things will happen and you should be enjoying your day not being a problem solver.

2. Start Early- If the wedding starts at 1.00 pm, and the stylist has 5 bridesmaids heads to attend to, the stylist should arrive at 8 am…..

3. Have a list/ timeline prepared….. so that you can stay on schedule.

​4. Arrange for your transportation to arrive at least 10 mins before the actual leave time, you will find that when you have someone waiting on you – you tend to move quicker.

5. Do not have access people in the room where you are getting ready. Jane, Sue and Mary can be greeted after the wedding. Just have the necessary people in the room.

6. Relax & Breath.