Advice on rescheduling due to Covid-19

Covid-19 came and took the world by storm. Couples who have been planning their wedding for the last year (plus) had to change everything. But keep this one thing at the forefront of your mind – You will have the wedding of your dreams and marry the love of your life. #PostponedNotCancelled

Here is some advice on how to go about rescheduling your big day.

  1. Contact your venue and find out what their cancellation/ rescheduling policy is and what future dates are available.
  1. Contact your vendors advising about your need to reschedule due to covid / find out about their policy and procedures to switch the date.
  1. Shoot an email to all of your vendors (hair, makeup, wedding officiant, baker, florist, dj, photographer, videographer, limo, photobooth, musicians etc….) Let them know what dates your venue has available and about their availability for that date. Ultimately, you need all the vendor to be able to agree on a date and get a copy of an updated agreement showing that change.
  1. Make sure that you make contact with your bridal party to see if they too are available on your proposed date.
  1. Once the new date is set in stone, you should send out an electronic message to your guest, letting them know that due to covid your wedding has been rescheduled and offer them the new date (if you do not have the new date, still send a courtesy update.) I would not recommend mailing this information, as your guest need to know ASAP. If you do not have your guest email – Call them.
  1. Keep the planning going – your wedding is postponed not cancelled. During this down time- don’t just sit and wait – Be productive. Here are a few ideas of things you can be doing:
  • Ordering wedding items (Guest Book & Pen, Garter, Toasting Flutes, Flower Girl Basket, Ring Bearer Pillow, Sand for your Ceremony, favors, Token of appreciation gifts for bridal party etc….).
  • Perhaps you’ve been wanting to do Premarital Counselling but you didn’t have an opportunity – Now is the time. Online counselling is available. See our Premarital Counselling Link.
  • Look online at different hair/makeup styles you may like for your wedding and send to your stylist. (if you hadn’t already)
  • Send Engagement picture to FedEx or Walgreens so you can get it blown up for the ceremony entrance.
  • Take time to write your personalized vows.
  • Start choosing songs for ceremony (Family Entrance, Bridal Party Entrance & Bride Entrance)
  • Choose songs for reception (Bridal Party Entrance, Bride & Groom Entrance, 1st Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Cake, Bouquet Toss, Garter Removal, Garter Toss, Last Dance)
  • Think about your processional order and how you want to pair your bridal party
  • Work on your seating chart (if you already have your RSVP’s) – Trust me Seating Charts take forever to organize – so establish tentatively who will be seating at what table- this will save you a lot of time later on.

This is the perfect time to get things done, before things get “Back to Norm”.