Are wedding favors a necessity?

Wedding favors are not necessary.

Most guest are not concerned if they will get a wedding favor. Your guest aren’t coming with the expectation of receiving something to take home (and if they are … you should reconsider inviting them ? ).

Your guest are coming merely to show their support and love. You are already spending thousands of dollars for your wedding- so if you don’t have wedding favors in the budget – please don’t feel bad.

For those of you who may have room in the budget to provide wedding favors for the guest – That’s also cool. As a wedding planner, at the end of the night I throw away A LOT of favors – because most guest forget to take their favors home. Once they have their drinks and hit the dance floor – they don’t remember to take their favors – So I would not recommend spending tons.

For Jamaican weddings, Rum Cake also know as black cake is a very popular and cost effective favor and one that is rarely left behind. This cake is an additional cake to the traditional wedding cake. You may have the cake already at the table setting as part of the décor – or it could be passed towards the end of the event.

I also recommend hiring a photo booth company and using that as a wedding favor- which in fact can work as a wedding savior.

  1. It’s entertainment for the guest.
  2. Photo booth can be used as a guest book. The attendant can print out a copy for the guestbook and have guest sign under their picture – this book will be given to the bride and groom at the end of the night.
  3. Guest can dress up with props and get unlimited prints to take home and remember the joyous occasion– (bride and groom get copies of all pictures)

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