Bad Behavior the Day Before the Wedding

For the life of me, I would never understand why you would party to the point you are delusional and intoxicated the day before your wedding (ESPECIALLY THE BRIDE) – is this not the most important day of your life? Would you not want to look your best?

So here’s the story….

I performed a wedding over the valentine’s weekend and the bride was hungover from the night before – she slurred her words, was obnoxiously loud and looked a hot mess. During the vow’s I told her to repeat after me – she unfortunately could not do that, so decided to say her own vows, which by the way “made no sense”. Towards the end of the ceremony when the groom kissed his bride – she decided that instead of a kiss, she would like his face….. EWWWW at this point I am just totally disgusted.

At the end of the ceremony…. I asked the bride for her marriage license …. and as expected – she could not find it, which means the ceremony was not legal and will not be recorded with the Clerk’s office- So I guess it worked out…. The groom should Thank the Lord.