“Booting” The Maid Of Honor – YOU’RE FIRED

Recently I have been working with a bride whose Maid of Honor was “No Help” and really didn’t care. Well needless to say…. she got the ultimate boot – she was FIRED.

The job of the maid/matron of honor’s (MOH) is to be the bride’s right hand person and to direct the other maids through their duties. The title should be carried with pride and honor.
As a word of advise Brides be very selective in who you have in this role….. Just because you have one sister…. she does not have to be your MOH. When selecting, don’t just think about the one that you have known the longest…. think about these features:

Does she have the time and support that I need?
Are they firm enough to lead the other bridesmaids?
Does she get easily offended/ overly emotional/ complains too much?
How close are we (really?) and do I trust them completed?
Who is influencing my decision? (mom maybe?)

All of these things above are very important when selecting a MOH. If you have already chosen a MOH that is not honoring and/or fulfilling her duties you have 2 choices…

Fire Her (which is very hard to do, but wait….. if this is your true friend and support system, then she would not be giving you slack..- just a thought)

Get a Co-MOH, If you are too uncomfortable with Firing the original MOH an option would be to get a Co-MOH to step in. Of course uncomfortable feeling may occur but that too shall pass.

My final words of advice…..

MOH- if you have been asked and you know that you cannot fulfill the required duties or don’t want to – you do not have to accept the job – you can nicely decline. If you have already accepted the role but find that you are too busy please be honest with the bride so that she can get the assistance that she needs.

Brides – Point Black (USE DISCRETION)…