Bridal Party Drama

Future Brides and Grooms – PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR BRIDAL PARTY CAREFULLY…. True colors are shown during the wedding process.

Here are some rules:

If you pick a bridesmaid dress and your girls have critique after critique – Make a quick decision- Is her opinion valid or is she being difficult… If the latter is correct…. get rid of her quick…. she will be difficult the rest of the time.

If you pick a certain hairstyle for all of your girls and 1 week prior to the wedding your bridesmaid decides to cut all of her hair off… (for no valid reason)…. rethink your decision…. because she clearly doesn’t care about you.

If you set a dress/tux appointment for your bridal party – and they don’t show.. nor do they call to reschedule – that is a sign….. Perhaps they need to keep moving.

Now some couples pay for their bridal party clothes… if this is not something that you are able or willing to do…. be upfront about that at the very start….. Bridal Party – if you know that you have no money to afford the attire…. don’t agree to be in the wedding.

Now if you were asked to be in the wedding (like a year ago) and you haven’t spoken to the bride and/or groom until days before the wedding (Shame on you)…. Keep it moving. You should have the decency to at least see if there is something you could have done to help with the preparation.

Last but not least – if your wedding rehearsal has been set from months ago and you don’t attend…. this is a huge problem…. not only will you not know how to walk, how to stand, what to do….. you have proven that you don’t care. Day before the wedding or not…. perhaps you need to say goodbye (unless their reason is substantial)

Every single person that you have asked to be in the wedding should consider it a honor to be chosen for something so significant….. If they cannot rise to the task – don’t stress – just nicely tell them that the expectations have not been met and ask them to step down…. It doesn’t matter if you are one person short…. Where there’s a will there’s a way.