Bridesmaid Dresses

Dear Brides,
I need for you to be extra careful in picking out your bridesmaids dresses. I have been to way too many events were cleavage took the center stage, the wedding itself is a far fetched memory but the “EXTRA BOOBAGE” that I saw – I remember like yesterday.
Now a days- dresses do not have to be the same…. Sure you can have the same color but it does not have to be exactly the same style. One may be strapless another with halter straps, maybe spaghetti straps…. whatever your decision base it on the size of your bridesmaid.

Truth be told, it’s your day and your bridesmaid ideally wear what you tell them to. But if you truly love your friend and you want the wedding to be about you – and not boobies…. please work on these things discussed.

Another thing, select a dress that can be worn again. It’s nothing worse than spending $200 for a dress than can never be worn again.