My Bridesmaid quit my wedding

I’ve dealt with a lot of couples who have unfortunately had bridesmaids & groomsmen drop out just weeks or days prior to the “Big Day”. Here’s what I have to say to that – It’s better that they drop out beforehand. 

Absolutely, everything that happens, happens for a reason. Their decision to drop out of your wedding will hurt you for a while, however, it’s for the best. 

Growing up I was always taught the following, “you learn who your real friends are at Weddings and at Funerals.” My friend, you have just been taught a very valuable lesson which will only help you to grow. What cannot be changed you must let go – move on and have the greatest wedding day possible.

Chose your bridal party wisely. These should be people who have been there for you, through thick and thin (and vice versa) and not ones who tell you only what you want to hear- ones that keep it REAL.

You may have friends that are over opinionated – just my preference but I would have them as guest and not in my wedding, because people who don’t know when to zip it, can do more damage than anything else.

If you know that one of your friends are struggling financially, yet you want them in the wedding – I would speak with them. Let them know that each bridesmaid needs to cover the cost of the dress, shoes, makeup & hair and if it’s too much of a burden then you understand. This covers your friendship.

Point blank – you want your entire bridal party to be supportive, compassionate and not “Too Much”. Bride’s please know that just because you were in someone’s wedding 10 years ago, doesn’t mean that they need to be in your wedding (you may have grown apart). Be intentional about who you choose without feeling any obligations to select a certain person.

Now this last portion is for any Bridezilla’s (yes I’m being straight up) – please understand that your wedding should be a happy time, yes stresses will rise, $$ being spent out left, right and center…. but remember not to take out any of that burden on your bridal party…. or you may just have a few of your bridal party members exiting. RESPECT is needed from all sides. Let’s all enjoy the process and be good to each other.