Cell phone & Social Media CLEAR OUT……

Everyone has a past… however, some aspects of the past should not be brought into your future relationship.

1. Past flings, trash talking individuals, people who tried to get with you etc…. should not be on your phone or social media….. CLEAR IT OUT before walking down the wedding aisle. If you are already in a relationship/ marriage and have not done this – It’s not too late. This step is so important to a healthy relationship.

When you have people that you have been intimate with on your page, it means you have not let go – this can lead to insecurity, mistrust and so on…..

When you say I do….. it means out with the old and in with the new….. old distractions do not need to go forward in your relationship. You want to move forward in truth and in love with no hindrances…..

Now get this, cutting people out of your life doesn’t mean that you hate that person, it simply means that you respect yourself and your spouse & relationship MORE. Not everyone is meant to stay.


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