Covid’s impact on both wedding couples & vendors has been brutal

Covid has really taken weddings for a spin – I mean a full 360 degree turn and I feel for my couples and vendors alike.

It’s hard on couples because they have been planning this special day for the last year and within weeks or days of their wedding, we encountered a shut down or the number of guest allowed was decreased drastically or the restrictions regarding social distancing and mandatory mask for the duration of the wedding has been enforced. These restrictions make it impossible to really be free & to fully enjoy the excitement of the day.

Couples I understand your frustration – this pandemic was not planned, and no one was prepared for it. What I can say is that if your event must be rescheduled … Keep in mind that you are not cancelling LOVE- you are simply postponing the bigger celebration until it’s safe to do so.

My advice is to postpone the big reception (If possible) but have a small & intimate ceremony. You can do a small-scale ceremony at home, at the park or the beach with just the main folks- but save the big celebration for the following year. The first step however, would be to find out what policies your venue has in place for rescheduling.

Now some people are rescheduling for 1 or 2 months later…. Honestly, we really don’t know how things will be in a month or two, so I would suggest at least 6 months down the line so you’re not having to reschedule multiple times.

Couples, keep in mind that the impact of COVID has not only been horrendous for you but for vendors & venues alike. Imagine, your career/ your dream & passion Just STOPPED (and not gradually but all of a sudden). Your vendors are struggling as well – All of their upcoming events have either been cancelled or postponed – There are no payments coming in and everybody wants a refund. It’s difficult.

Both couples & vendors, need to work together to come up with a solution that can benefit both parties…. Couples – reschedule / keep making payments. Vendors/ Venues – be reasonable and reschedule the events without any kind of penalty…. Let’s all do the right thing. Nobody asked for this pandemic. As a team – We can get through these hard times together.