Destination Weddings are Trending

More and more couples are choosing a Caribbean destination wedding and here are some of the reasons why…

Resorts have amazing/ cost effective all-inclusive packages that may include a free stay for the couple.

Couples may want to elope and not be bothered with the hassle of planning a big wedding. The resorts literally do it all – The bride and groom just need to show up with their attire and rings, the rest is on the resorts.

When you want to keep your guest count small – A destination wedding can help to ensure that happens. Typically, when doing a destination wedding, only your closest family and friends tend to come – Which is great for those guest that you really didn’t want to invite anyway, but had to because of your parents lol

Wedding & honeymoon in one is convenient and easy. Your guest can enjoy a vacation.

Maybe you don’t want anyone to know you are getting married, what better way to not hear the opinions of others than to hop on a plane to a beautiful Caribbean island and just elope. You most certainly will hear the opinion of others when you get back… but their opinion is not your problem :>

Typically local weddings are 4 to 5 hours max…. When you do a destination wedding – you usually are able to spend quality time with guest… (maybe 2 or 3 days)- it’s like an extended wedding lol.

Destination weddings are different – sometimes you just want different scenery, different culture and have a memory of somewhere or something new – Destination weddings are a great way to set a new trend for you & guest – something that you can potentially do every 5 years, 10 years or when your heart feels to go back.