DJ TIPS – Choose Wisely

This post is for all of my engaged folks (preparing for the big day). The DJ is one of the most important vendors on your wedding day. He or she is the one who sets the tone for the night.

When picking a DJ, remember the following:

Good DJ’s can be costly…. If you are able to find a DJ for $50/h – I guarantee you that you will get what you pay for… Please don’t go to cheap on the DJ. Do not hire based on the cheapest price…. Rather hire based on reviews, character, personality & their knowledge of the business.

Your friend who can play music on an IPAD cannot be your DJ…. Please hire a professional.

Not all DJ’s are Emcee’s – you have some DJ’s who strictly play music but cannot do introductions and announcements on the mic…. Prior to hiring – you want to find out if your DJ can do both (DJ and Emcee). Not everyone who has the mic should… You want to be sure that your Emcee has a clear and engaging voice- one who knows how to draw the crowd…. If your DJ is not an Emcee – you should arrange for a designated to speak on the mic / again just because your family member can crack jokes, does not mean they should be on the microphone.

Not all DJ’s have a professional booth…. I have seen it all. A homemade / wanna be booth, a table with a not to pretty linen and wires all over the place… smh. Before hiring a DJ, please make sure that he has professional looking equipment for your wedding. Remember the photographer will capture the pretty and not so pretty of your night.

Not all DJ’s have additional lighting… if uplighting or additional dance lights is something you need, don’t assume that the DJ is brining/ that is usually considered an add on. Add will require you to pay an additional fee.

You want to ensure that your DJ has a wireless mic…. It is super tacky for the bestman giving the toast to be half way across the room at the DJ booth because of a microphone wire… rather than at the bride & groom’s sweetheart table. Now some venues come with a mic…. establish what the venue will be providing and correspond with your DJ.

DJ Energy is key for a great reception…. Some dances never get old like cupid shuffle, electric slide…. you want your DJ to get on the dance floor and mingle with the guest- most guest don’t know which direction to go, having the dance floor look pretty chaotic… having a DJ with some smooth moves is an added bonus to your reception.