Hiring Hair and Makeup Artist for your Wedding

So you have found a hair and make up artist (maybe through Instagram, or maybe your wedding planner or family have referred them). First thing to do before hiring them is:

  • Research– take a look at the vendors website, reviews, social media pages to get a feel of their work and how previous brides may have liked or disliked the process; talk with whomever referred them to you and find out what personal experience (good and bad) they have had with the vendor.
  • Call the vendor – get a feel of their personality. No sense on moving forward if there is no personality or if you feel there is no connection. Ask specific questions to get a better understanding of the service you will get.. here are some examples:
  1. How long have you been in the business?
  2. Based on the styles I have chosen – how much would this style cost? How long will it take?
  3. Is there additional cost for travel/ parking?
  4. What is the deposit? When is final payment required?
  5. At what point is final number of persons requiring makeup to be given
  6. Will you have an assistant?
  7. Does the cost cover a trial? If no, what is the cost for a trial?
  8. Will you be the actual artist that is doing my hair/ make up on the day of my event or will it be an associate?
  9. Is there an option for you to stay until after the ceremony- if I would like to change my look for the reception?
  10. Are lashes/ brow shaping included in the price?
  11. Do my bridal party have to prepare/ any special instructions before they get in the chair?
  12. Any touch up advice?
  13. How long will my face / hair last?

Get a trial: At least a few months prior to your wedding day, it is recommended that you get do a trial. Pick the look that you want and have the artist do you hair and makeup similar to how it would be done for the big day. Reason, I suggest a trial a few months prior is: Suppose you don’t like the look? If you need to select another look and schedule a second trial – at least you will have time to do so.

Trials are 100% necessary. On the day of your wedding, you are on a very tight schedule. On your wedding day – If you don’t like the way you look and the limo has arrived to pick you up from the hotel to take you to your ceremony – what do you do then?

These are just a few tips on selecting your make up and hair artist – If you agree on these items or have additional items to add- feel free to comment.