How much for the wedding ring?

There has been a myth floating around for many centuries that the wedding ring should costs (AT LEAST) 3 months’ salary. In my opinion…. If your significant other can afford an extravagant ring then GREAT…….  If he cannot buy the “big ticket ring” that’s ok as well…… In my opinion –  It’s not the costs of the ring that matters most –  it’s the intent behind buying the ring. Ladies, are you willing to let love go down the drain because the ring is not expensive enough…. If the answer to that is YES…. Please think about the reason you are getting married. Life is not about the glamorous, lavish lifestyle (although it is great to have)…. It’s about LOVE first. A lavish lifestyle but no one to share it with ….. what’s the point?

Let’s love from the inside out. Keep it 100.