In-Law Drama

Not getting along with the In Laws? Fact is this occurs more often than not. It’s unfortunate but sometimes, when parents are so used to having their child to themselves – and now find themselves in “second place” tension occurs. These issues can cause a strain on your relationship. Here’s what I recommend.

  1. Be respectful, even though this may seem near impossible. This is a phase – once they see how happy you make their son/daughter they have no choice but to love and respect you. Remember their son/daughter who came to visit every single day now only visits once a month because of “You”. It just takes some adjusting. Allow your in laws to be apart – Visit their house together and get to know each other. You are in it until death – so it makes sense to get along.
  1. Treat your in laws as you would your own parents. Let them feel included. Invite them to different events and allow them to be involved in the planning aspect of the wedding. Let them attend the dress fitting, taste testing etc…. and also remember that if they are putting money into the wedding They have a say…. If you don’t want them to have a say Don’t take the money.
  1. Rome was not built in a day – Give it time. Different people react differently with Change. Some people embrace, others have reservations. In most cases new family members earn their status (sad to say) – It takes involvement & communication to gain trust. Do you automatically allow strangers to sleep over your house? (now maybe that is a little extreme) but it’s the same concept. A barrier is up to protect until they trust you enough to bring it down.
  1. Be You. It’s nothing worse than a fake. Pretending to be someone that your not can only last for a short period of time. Let you in laws know who you are & where you came from. Let them love you,