Looking to Cut Wedding Budget

Weddings are expensive….. No doubt. If you need to cut back in certain areas please adhere to this advise…. There are 3 main vendors that you don’t want to go too cheap with…..

1. DJ / Emcee
2. Photographer
3. Wedding Planner

The DJ sets the tone for the entire day – so if your DJ sucks – well… ultimately – the night is ruined….. a DJ/ Emcee must be upbeat, they must know how to entertain the crowd and keep them on the dance floor. They should know how to dress well and speak well- this is key. If you need to cut back, please consider another area because most times – You get what you pay for.

Photographer– Well this is pretty simple- you only have one wedding day and the pictures are priceless. I would highly recommend that you have a professional handle your wedding day pictures so every important moment is captured.

Wedding Planner– Priceless investment….. Planning a wedding is a full time job (literally), if you are a bride working full time and trying to plan a wedding part time – chances are you are overwhelmed. A wedding planner’s job is to ease your worries. See a professional wedding planner knows the timeline and order in which things should be done….. early planning eliminates stress. With a planner you can be assured that the vendors that are going to recommended have been tried and tested and truly live up to their “Preferred Vendor” name. This means you will only get the “Best”. On your wedding day, to just be the bride.. and be beautiful and to watch your guest have an amazing time and to have everything run smooth is so worth it.

Of course there are other things that are very important, but the 3 above are crucial…..