Mom & Dad Divorced…. Who walks the bride down the aisle?

So, I’ve run into this situation more than a few times:

The brides Mom and Dad are divorced. Dad has moved onto something Young and Outgoing and mom well…. she is still bitter about the whole situation and by the way…. has not found a significant other.

The bride has no clue who to ask to walk her down the aisle.

Here is my suggestion. There is no rule that only one parent must give you away and/or walk you down the aisle. To avoid having one parent feeling rejected, have both parents walk you down the aisle.

For this one day, your parents must SUCK IT UP and think of only you and what this would mean to you. They don’t have to hold hands – they don’t even have to look at each other…. you (the bride) will be in the middle, they will both answer “I Do” when the officiant asks “Who gives this women to be wedded to this man”, they will kiss you and their separate seats.

This situation has a lot of couples in chains….. It really shouldn’t be so difficult. Parents, please remember this is a one time occasion and yes it will be remembered forever – Please do everything within your power to make the situation as easy as possible. Getting married comes with a lot of stress….. This situation should not be one of those stresses.