Premarital counselling – Communication Clarified
  • Communication involves one person talking and the other person listening then reversed (hence the base word Commune). Two people talking at the same time indicates that you both are not listening. Additionally, there is often a primary talker in the relationship – Guaranteed, the one that does not often talk (because they are not given the respect to do so) will eventually explode – and it won’t be good.


  • Understand that when you communicate – it’s ok for the other person to have a difference of opinion. Each person’s opinion is valid, it’s their thoughts & feelings and although you may not agree or understand it – you are required to respect their opinion.


  • When it comes to an opinion – there is no wright or wrong / you both are entitled to your different thoughts… Just imagine how boring your relationship would be if you thought the same all the time…. The diversity makes your relationship so special… Agree to disagree.


  • Attentive listening involves eye contact, putting away electronics, avoid distractions and show that you are present (in the now)


  • Respect is necessary at all times – even when you are upset. Never call your significant other outside of their name. Never get to a physical point – That is an unhealthy relationship and not should NOT continue. Both parties are to be loving at all times. Now understand being loving can mean saying something that the other doesn’t like – Don’t get truth goes hand in hand with love – It may not be something that you want to hear, but it may be necessary to be said. Accept constructive criticism. Imagine having a partner who only says what you want to hear – That relationship is FAKE and unhealthy….


  • Relationships take work – not every day is going to be a bed of roses – there are ups and downs, but the key is to get through them together with LOVE, and the 3 C’s (compassion, communication and compromise).


  • Last but not least – there will be times where you must say I’m sorry. When you are wrong, admit it and refrain from doing so again…. Sorry is not a sign of weakness…. It shows strength & maturity.