Questions to ask before hiring a wedding officiant

Some people wait until the last few months before their wedding to hire a wedding officiant, but this should not be the case. After you have booked your venue & wedding planner – next on the list should be your wedding officiant & DJ, after all the Wedding Officiant & DJ are the vendors that really make or break your event. It’s a good idea to book your wedding officiant at least 6 – 12 months prior to your wedding, to ensure you are getting the perfect wedding officiant for you – and not just settling for whoever is available.

There are certain questions you want to make sure to ask the wedding officiant before hiring:


  1. Do you use the same script for every couple, or can my ceremony be customized?

(every couple is different, so why shouldn’t the ceremony be different)


  1. Typically how long are your ceremonies?

(You want to ensure that the ceremony is not too short but certainly not too long. Ideally a ceremony should not be more than 30 mins long, after that point your guest start to wonder and lose interest.)


  1. How often do you perform ceremonies?

(You don’t want to hire someone with no experience, Your ceremony is a very important day so Experience is necessary)


  1. Can you incorporate a special ceremony (Unity Candle, Jumping the Broom, Tying the Knot etc….)? If yes, am I responsible for bringing them and setting up?


  1. If I am interested in doing personal vows, would that be ok?

(I encourage couples to do their own personal vows – it adds something so special to the ceremony. Maybe you still want to do the traditional vows and repeat after the officiant but want to say just a few words to each other. That can work as well).


  1. What is your typical dress code?

Typically your wedding officiant will wear black – if you have a specific theme/ color that you want them to adhere to, you will need to let them know.


  1. Where can I find reviews from your previous couples?


  1. How far in advance do you typically show up before the ceremony begins?


  1. What happens during the signing of the marriage license? Am I responsible for getting the license back to the court house or will you submit it?