Questions to ask yourself BEFORE inviting that person to your wedding

Very often we invite people to our wedding just because …… Questions you should ask yourself before spending $$$ on a guests that really should not be at your wedding are as follows:

1.       Does this person support my relationship/ and are they for us?

Many time we invite people that really have no business being at the wedding. These people are always in your business and rarely have anything nice to say about your significant other. Now understand that if you have a good man – DO NOT LET ANYONE COME IN BETWEEN. These no good people should not be at the wedding.

2.       Am, I inviting them just because they are family?

This is a no-no. Just because they are family doesn’t mean they have to come to your wedding. You are not obligated to invite your distant family member who by the way hasn’t seen you since you were in diapers. Let’s kill that myth.

3.       Mom’s Excel Spreadsheet of “Must Invites”.

This is a tough one but, as excited as mom is…. She must understand that it is your day and all of her co-workers cannot come. They can be excited from a distance. Please, however, find a nice way to explain this to your mom

4.       Ex-Lovers or People that you may have “Crossed the line” with.

Negative…… Anybody that you did something with “even an kiss” is a negative. You are on a new path and need no excess baggage. Those people who you had a “one night” with are a thing of the past. Imagine you finding out (on your wedding day) that a person attending the wedding has “already been there” and “done that”. Don’t do it PLEASE.

5.       Rowdy friends that you know “Can’t Behave”

Be Smart – Don’t invite them. Yes you love them but they will embarrass you and it will be caught on camera and video. <Mic Drop>

You only have one wedding day and who is there to celebrate that special moment with you is very important. Use discretion my friend.