Rainy Weddings – Come to find out they are the BEST!

Most Couples dread the rain on their wedding day – Dripping Makeup, Flat Hair, Soggy Shoes are just a few thoughts that come to mind, in addition to ruined pictures however, for Tony & Virgina – just the opposite happened.

Just as the couple were reciting their vows, the skies opened up and torrential rain came down on us. Most couples and guest alike would have been frantic and running for shelter…. but this crowd was different – No one ran, and although everyone was drenched – I believe every guest in attendance can say this was by far “one of the best wedding experiences to date” – (Wet and all)!

For once, no one cared about the frivilous things like their dress, decor, make up etc….. the only thing that mattered was LOVE and it was felt by everyone in attendance – The pictures came out AMAZING…. fun & laughter were seen in the photographs (nothing staged).

Most of the guest decided to go swimming in the pool and those who didn’t danced the night away, inspite of the wet clothes.

Tony & Virginia – Thanks so much for being good sports – everyone will be talking about your wedding for years to come.