Starting the marriage in debt…. A BIG “NO-NO”

As a young girl, even before we understood what marriage entailed, and who we would even want to marry – we had dreams of how our wedding would be decorated.

While this is ambitious – It doesn’t always happen that way. In this age, things are costly – and more times that not, the bride and groom are the ones funding their wedding. If this is a scenario that you are in – and you don’t have a money tree – I have one word for you “COMPROMISE”. You do not want to start your relationship in debt… it causes big problems.

Here are some thoughts to ponder when pricing/ budgeting for a wedding..

A Wedding = ONE Day but a Marriage is a LIFETIME
What are your future plans? House, Car, kids
If it were just the two of you – without the glitz and glamour… would you still get married?

You can have a gorgeous wedding without breaking the bank. It just takes pre-planning, organization, compromise and creativity.

I have had brides send me images of a $50,000 look that they wanted duplicated while on a $6,000 budget- and it was pulled off. Granted the look will not be identical, however it would be the same theme, but on a smaller scale.

Please be wise in your decision making. Yes, you only get married once, but you have a lifetime together and that lifetime should be started off free of debt.

From one bride who made that terrible mistake years ago…. to a bride to be…..

Please don’t make the same mistake as me.