• Don’t have a different song for each bridal party member (specifically if you have a party of more than 5) – it doesn’t flow too well. Perhaps you may have a song for parents, a song for all the bridal party and then a song for bride as she enters.
  • If you have little flower girls and ring bearers who cannot stand still during the ceremony – Do save a seat for them. Let’s not have them stand during the entire ceremony (It’s distracting)
  • Do have a wedding rehearsal. If you are having a bridal party, it is essential that a rehearsal takes place prior, so everyone is comfortable and know what to do. At the rehearsal your planner will go over how everyone should walk, how to hold the bouquet, placement at the altar, when to pass the rings etc.……
  • If you choose to do personal vows and they are not coming straight from your head, please do not have them on a scrunched-up piece of paper. Have them in a little book or something presentable for the camera (Also make sure you can read the writing) :>
  • Let’s not have the bachelor/bachelorette party the day before the wedding. Plan to have it a few days prior at least (If you are out all night – it’s going to be hard to look fresh for the morning).
  • Do ensure that you give your marriage license to your wedding officiant and/or planner prior. There have been numerous occasions where the bride & groom forgot the marriage license on the day of the wedding. No license / No wedding.
  • Understand that if you have an outdoor ceremony – your venue/planner/decorator will need to make an executive decision at least 2.5 hours prior to your wedding to determine if the weather will upkeep or not. We understand your whole vision of an outdoor ceremony but understand that the weather may not keep up – and we cannot make a decision 1 hour prior and still have everything set up & ready prior to guest arrival unless we make an early call.
  • If someone is participating in the ceremony (singing, prayer, reading etc.…) – It is essential that they know. Even if they are not at the wedding rehearsal, they need to prep as well. No one should be unprepared.
  • Do have a good quality microphone / speaker. Everyone wants to hear the ceremony and the vows. If you have a DJ to manage the ceremony sound – Even better.
  • Request an unplugged ceremony – Let your guest be present in the moment whilst at the same time, not completely ruin your professional photos. As you walk down the aisle to your “husband to be”- there’s nothing worse that people with cell phone sticking out the aisle and all of that captured in your photos.
  • Ensure that you chose an officiant that you can relate to. Your officiant should not feel like a stranger on the day of the wedding. You should have already built a repour so you can have a personalized ceremony.