Tips for the Engaged (Married ones too): Stop posting when you are mad…..

One thing is for sure, relationships are not always 100%, there will be days when your significant other gets on that very last nerve – It’s a given. How you choose to vent comes down to you. It is so important to remember that it’s ok to have a difference in opinion and because you have a disagreement, that does not mean that the world needs to know about it.

Your relationship ship be private- if you don’t like something that your partner has done / speak with them directly. You have to realize that putting your business on blast is a recipe for DIVORCE…. You are opening the doors to have all kinds of unwanted & unhelpful people in your relationship.

Here are some tips:

When you are both angry – take a walk, listen to some soothing music, get away for a little bit …. Come back when it’s less pressure and talk… Not the key to talking is: One person talk whilst the other listens and vice versa… As you learnt in elementary school – 2 people can talk at one time – but no one is then listening.

Understand that a difference in opinion doesn’t mean that the other person is wrong… agree to disagree… Marriage is about compromise.

Relationships are not 50/50…. Each person needs to give 100%… Try to outdo the other person in love and see what comes back.

These are just a few tips…. But just remember what caused you to fall in love in the first place…. Dwell on the positive and see how the coin flips.