Using friends & family as your wedding vendors

When it comes to friends and family assisting in your big day you must be so careful. I realize that weddings in general are expensive but getting cousin Jim who is a great conversation starter to be the Emcee for your reception may not be a good idea…. And just because your brother took amazing pictures at your high school graduation doesn’t means that he would want to be the photographer for the entire day at your wedding. Now because your sister has 5 kids and planned and decorated all 5 birthday parties – doesn’t mean that she should be the planner/ decorator & maid of honor for your special day. Here are some things that you should consider:


Your wedding is a one day affair- Family and friends have good intentions and yes you can save a ton if you utilize them however, because you are getting a favor (most times free) the job can be done (partially) and not (professionally) because it is a favor…. now also remember because your friend/family member knows the majority of the people at your event – he or she may also be distracted by family they haven’t seen in a long time and possible get caught up in conversation and miss important photo moments. I’m sure your family & friends would also like to enjoy the night… When you hire a professional – there job is to ensure that your expectations are surpassed.


Now I have come across many brides who tell me that their sister who is also the maid of honor, is the wedding planner – I try to have them understand that even if they have assistance from the maid of honor throughout the planning process – on the day of the wedding, there is absolutely no way that the maid of honor can also act as a planner….. Hire a day of coordinator (at least) to ensure that your vision is carried out on the day of the wedding.


Now as for the decorations – I do understand DIY brides and get that it can be cheaper to decorate yourself – If you have access to the venue space the day before  – The DIY ceremony/ reception décor could work. However, if you (The bride) have to come to the venue to fully decorate on the day of your wedding – I strongly discourage that. On the day of the event – there is hair, make up, getting dressed, photos (to name a few) other important elements are good conversations , relaxation, personal reflection time that should take place before you go down the aisle….  This again is where your day of coordinator will come into place – Prioritize and know that this is one day that you cannot get back – Hire a professional so the day of your wedding, you are not having to worry about arranging tables, chairs and fixing centerpieces.


All in all – It is best to hire a professional vendor for your wedding night…. these vendors  are trained to do their job and do it well…. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is so true.


Professional Vendors are needed for the following services:





Wedding Planner