Wedding Officiant Says “I won’t marry you”.

As a wedding officiant, I have been put in many uncomfortable positions. I have come across couples that want to marry for convenience- whether it be immigration status, because of pregnancy or for money (just to name a few). Please know this – If you are marrying for any other reason but LOVE – I will not marry you.

When it comes to something as sacred as marriage – Principals must come into play.

When you marry someone, it should be for the right reasons – not for Gain. Marriage is selfless…. You give not to receive but because you love….. and because you love hard….. a blessed marriage will be your reward.

So, I’ve been told that I am out of order…. people have paid money for their weddings and I should just go along with the program….. What are your thoughts….. My NO- Stands Firm.

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  • Jo Posted January 17, 2018 12:00 pm

    Well good for you!!! Marriages are disposable these days! Heartbreaking. Happy to know there’s people like me out there! Hugs!!❤️

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