Why do venues only Give 2 hours to set up?

Here’s what bothers me….. Wedding venues giving wedding designer/ wedding planners only 2 hours to set up for a 200 person wedding, and then turn around and give 1 hour for clean up…. please someone help me to understand why????

Here are a list of typical things that need to be taken care of within the 2 hours:

set up wedding arch
set up aisle runner
programs on each chair
possible spandex cover on each chair
Chair layout perfected
mark the sides of the wedding aisle with petals

Ensure cocktail tables are laid out (exactly as couple has requested)
Put linen and or spandex on the cocktail tables
Put decor on cocktail table
arrange place cards on table (this can be alphabetically organized prior to)

Put linen on the tables
Possibly put spandex on the chairs
Add chair sash & table runner
Arrange Centerpieces
Add Charger Plate (normally not provided by venue)
Place favors on tables
Arrange gift Table
Arrange & Decorate Cake Table
Decorate Sweetheart Table
Decorate Bridal Party Table (if applicable)

On top of the above all the vendors will be arriving at the same time (DJ & Emcee, Photographer, Videographer, Photo Booth, Lighting, Caterer etc…..)

Venues: Please consider the amount of things that need to be accomplished and be a little bit more accommodating – It’s stressing to everyone (especially the planner) with only 2 hours to build Rome…..

I’m trusting that those venues would read this and talk to the ones in authority to help them understand how crazy the whole process is….. and it really doesn’t have to be that way….

VENT OVER….. until the next wedding that I’m given only 2 hours :>

​Thanks for listening.