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Creating your wedding guest list

First things first – make a list of the guest that are very important to you, ones that you can’t see yourself getting married without. These individuals can be your immediately family, best friends & people that you truly love- ones that...

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Assigned Seating at Weddings

There is nothing worse than coming to a wedding and not having assigned seating (place cards or a seating chart)- here’s why: Weddings and organization go hand in hand. A guest that maybe loud & drinks a lot should not sit at a table with a...

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DJ TIPS – Choose Wisely

This post is for all of my engaged folks (preparing for the big day). The DJ is one of the most important vendors on your wedding day. He or she is the one who sets the tone for the night. When picking a DJ, remember the following: Good DJ’s can...

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Day of Coordination

Listen, I understand that budget is key for your wedding, however, the one thing you do not want to cut out is a Day of Wedding Coordinator. On the day of your wedding- you cannot be both bride and planner (nor can your mom or bridesmaid). They...

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