1st Year of Marriage – the hardest ?

It’s true. The first few years of marriage is the hardest. Of course while you are in the dating phase each one of you put your best foot forward to impress but it’s possible after a short while to get TOO COMFORTABLE. Here’s what you need to know:

You will have differences…. Learn to accept each others difference of opinion. You can agree to disagree.

Love, love and love some more. Remember that the one bad thing that your partner does should not erase all of the good things.

Remember the 80/20 rule. If you have a partner who simply has a few things you dislike…. please don’t leave your 80% for a 20%. The grass may look greener on the other side but it’s not. Be committed, give 100% and fight for your relationship.

Here is one of the most important lessons…. PLEASE, PLEASE…. keep friends and family out of your business. When you have a disagreement with your significant other don’t go to AT & T’s House (Always talking and telling), instead calm down first (if you have to go for a walk.. do that), but please don’t go to the blabber mouth’s house because after you tell her and she tells everyone else, and after the posts are viewed facebook for the world to see…… you end up back together and looking really crazy.

Do a cleanout …. people who hold you back, bad influences, exes numbers….. DELETE…. you are starting a new leaf…. so please throw away all excess baggage and don’t look back.

Men and Women love to be loved so express that everyday – Now this does not mean buying expensive gifts – I’m referring to the small things that mean a lot… for example… a text in the middle of the day that says “just thinking of you.”, or a picked flower from a garden, downloading a song that expresses how you feel and playing it for your spouse. Those simple gestures make a big difference.

The things above are major instruments in a successful relation but the main thing is to always keep GOD at the forefront of your relationship.