6 tips to have your guest comfortable during a covid wedding

Weddings have changed over the course of the last year and a half. Many couples have down sized, postponed & some have outright cancelled. Here is one thing that I know- Covid is here for the long haul and love cannot and will not be stopped. Here are some ways to make your guest feel comfortable during this covid era:

  1. Think about your guest count – and before confirming your guest list- check with your venue on the number of guests currently allowed and what their new rules are concerning Covid. It’s possible that they may have a mask mandate (meaning if guest are not eating/ mask must be worn at all time). And I’m 100% sure that no bride wants all her pictures with mask on. Maybe an intimate wedding may be a better fit than 150 guest at this time.

  2. Do not have tables at their maximum capacity- 60-inch tables typically seat 8 people – why not have that table seat 6 instead. 72-inch tables typically seat 10 people– Have a maximum of 8 people to that table to allow for a little more spacing. And try as best as possible to have households sitting at the same table.

  3. Maybe you can opt for an outdoor ceremony – some guest may come for the ceremony only and leave for the indoor reception.

  4. Having a little sanitizing station is another great choice – This would be a table with facemask & hand sanitizer for guest to use as they desire.

  5. Have a plated meal rather than buffet so people won’t have to be around the food.

  6. Please keep in mind, you cannot mandate that someone has to be vaccinated to come to your wedding but you 100% can ask them to please show up with their negative test results, which will be shown to a designated person as guest enter. You can also do a temperature check prior to guest entering.

These are just a few tips to help you during this time. Some couples are continuing to postpone their wedding until Covid goes away. If covid is here for the long run – we can still get married – things just have to plan a little differently. Love Reigns and cannot be stopped.

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