Agree to Disagree

Marriage is not easy…. But at the same time it is a wonderful thing. Pointers to digest – you are 2 different people coming together as 1- you have your opinion and your partner has theirs, Knowing that you will not agree on everything and being ok with that is the first step to a successful marriage. What needs to be understood is that both opinions are important and balance needs to be established. Although you do not agree with the others opinion doesn’t make their opinion wrong – It’s just a different view on the same subject. Now, don’t get me wrong – This can be very annoying…. I for one disagree with my husband’s views more often than not but I’m ok with that and he’s ok with that too…. I see day – he see’s night but we love each other in spite of. A difference of opinion does not need to lead into an argument. If your significant other feels that every time they disagree with your view – it will cause havoc then eventually the lines of communication will crumble. They will feel that you must always be right so it really doesn’t make sense they talk. Once it gets to this point – It is very difficult to get back….. so please….. Take this advice….. AGREE 2 DISAGREE…… If you see red and he see’s yellow…. Just make Orange….. put your ideas together and make it work.