Family is always late…. what time should I put on the invitation?

This is a question I get very often….. My family is ALWAYS LATE… do I put the actual time on the invitation. My answer is NOOO. Put the invitation at least 30 minutes earlier. Your family may have good intentions but, unfortunately if they are usually late to everything – your wedding will be no different. So to avoid frustration on the big day….. put an earlier time.

I had a recent situation where the bride put an earlier time on the invitations and her guests were still late and in fact more than 30% who confirmed ended up a “no show”. The bride was crushed. In this situation, the bride had to take a deep breath and remember that even if no one else showed up…. It would be her and her hubby….. which is all that is required to be married.

What could have ruined the wedding ended up being one of the biggest life lessons…. even though tons of money was wasted…. she saw that who was at her wedding was supposed to be there…. the ones that didn’t show had no business being invited in the first place.

The moral of this story is this….. chose friends wisely, know that it’s you and your hubby against the world – come what may, Live & Learn from your mistakes.