Premarital counseling is not something that is required in order for you to get married in the state of Florida, but I encourage couples to participate in it. If you attend a certain church and want your specific pastor to marry you- your pastor may mandate that premarital sessions are required.

When I got married 13 years ago – we took the premarital counseling course with our pastor, and it was one of the best decisions we could have made. In the first few years of our marriage, many hurdles arose, but we had played these scenarios out previously, prior discussions prepared us for the obstacles that were to come. Premarital counselling alone is not a 100% option for staying together- you also need determination and VERY GOOD COMMUNICATION. Without the two –the outcome will not be promising.

The premarital counseling course topics covered during our sessions is as follows:

  • Communication – (How to handle conflict, Effective & positive communication)
  • Finances / Prior Debt (Is your debt my debt, Do we open a joint account, keep separate accounts)
  • Boundaries – (What is your limit, likes, dislikes)
  • Friends – (Hanging out- how often?)
  • Divorce – (has divorce occurred previously with you or immediate family, is it still impacting you)
  • Sex – (How often, are you comfortable discussing sexual like / dislikes)
  • Kids (Do you want kids, how many, how will you handle discipline, if she becomes pregnant- how will income be adjusted)
  • Blended Family (kids from previous relationship)
  • Religion/ Faith (Will you follow the same faith, will you attend church, will you teach your children your faith)
  • In Laws
  • Goals (Common Goals for the future)

Again – it’s a choice you and your partner will have to make- whether or not to take premarital classes. I can promise you this – It wouldn’t hurt and I am even more confident in saying – It will make your relationship stronger.

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