5 Things you DO NOT need to buy for your wedding

When preparing for a wedding- you always get a huge checklist of items that you need to purchase, however, there are 5 things that are always listed that are not really needed for the big day.

Destination Weddings are Trending

More and more couples are choosing a Caribbean destination wedding and here are some of the reasons why…

Covid’s impact on both wedding couples & vendors has been brutal

Covid has really taken weddings for a spin – I mean a full 360 degree turn and I feel for my couples and vendors alike.

20 Questions to ask a venue before booking?

There are certain questions you want to be sure to ask before signing a contract and locking in your venue. Here are my top 20.

A guide to writing the perfect Wedding Vows

A special way to personalize your wedding ceremony is to prepare your own wedding vows. Here are some tips for brides and grooms for writing their own wedding vows, with personal touches: Talk with your spouse to get some sort of expectation for: the tone, how long you expect the vows to be, whether you […]

Is Premarital Counseling necessary?

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments you will ever make in your life, and yet, the majority of engaged couples do not see the need to take premarital counseling. Most couples who do participate are affiliated with a religious group and in order to have the minister officiate the ceremony, it’s a requirement. Here’s […]

7 Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding

The ocean background, the sound of the waves, the relaxing atmosphere, is all that one could want on their wedding day, however, there are certain things you must consider before planning your beach wedding. Here are 7 Tips to remember when planning a beach wedding.   You must have a plan B (especially in Florida). […]

Questions to ask before hiring a wedding officiant

Some people wait until the last few months before their wedding to hire a wedding officiant, but this should not be the case. After you have booked your venue & wedding planner – next on the list should be your wedding officiant & DJ, after all the Wedding Officiant & DJ are the vendors that […]

Advice on rescheduling due to Covid-19

  Covid-19 came and took the world by storm. Couples who have been planning their wedding for the last year (plus) had to change everything. But keep this one thing at the forefront of your mind – You will have the wedding of your dreams and marry the love of your life. #PostponedNotCancelled Here is […]

Hiring Hair and Makeup Artist for your Wedding

  So you have found a hair and make up artist (maybe through Instagram, or maybe your wedding planner or family have referred them). First thing to do before hiring them is: Research– take a look at the vendors website, reviews, social media pages to get a feel of their work and how previous brides […]