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Advice on rescheduling due to Covid-19

Covid-19 came and took the world by storm. Couples who have been planning their wedding for the last year (plus) had to change everything. But keep this one thing at the forefront of your mind – You will have the wedding of your dreams and marry...

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Are wedding favors a necessity?

Wedding favors are not necessary. Most guest are not concerned if they will get a wedding favor. Your guest aren’t coming with the expectation of receiving something to take home (and if they are … you should reconsider inviting them ? ). Your...

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Creating your wedding guest list

First things first – make a list of the guest that are very important to you, ones that you can’t see yourself getting married without. These individuals can be your immediately family, best friends & people that you truly love- ones that...

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Pick Your Groomsmen Wisely

If you’re not the biggest wedding enthusiast in the world, it’s perfectly normal to get lost in the multitude of people that are involved in planning a wedding. But you probably know the basics: you need a best man and you need to appoint...

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Assigned Seating at Weddings

There is nothing worse than coming to a wedding and not having assigned seating (place cards or a seating chart)- here’s why: Weddings and organization go hand in hand. A guest that maybe loud & drinks a lot should not sit at a table with a...

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Day of Coordination

Listen, I understand that budget is key for your wedding, however, the one thing you do not want to cut out is a Day of Wedding Coordinator. On the day of your wedding- you cannot be both bride and planner (nor can your mom or bridesmaid). They...

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