4 Tips to bridesmaid dress shopping


  1. Cost is the first thing to remember when choosing a bridesmaid gown …. Although you (The bride), may not be purchasing the gown, it should be cost effective and something that your bridesmaid could wear to another function. Remember that beauty & quality does not need to be the most expensive.


  1. Look for dresses – Now remember, even before shopping for bridesmaids dresses, The bride’s dress should be ordered first- to ensure that it matches the style. Depending on what state/ city you live in, bridal gown shops can be plentiful or few. It is best to go into a local shop when looking for dresses because your entire party can get measured same time. Now if you have super opinionated bridesmaids, you may opt for them not to be present at the time you choose their dress. If you are unable to find a local bridal dress shop, consider online shopping from a reputable shop. When choosing this option, dresses must be purchased well in advance to allow for long shipping times (sometimes it can take up to 5 months). Remember that dresses should be brought a size bigger, you may have some bridal members that intend to lose weight and want to get a smaller size / this is strongly discouraged because a dress can easily be taken in…. but if very difficult to make the dress bigger. When ordering also take into consideration that alterations can also take up to 6 weeks.


  1. We are not living in the early days were every bridesmaid needs to match from head to toe… Everyone of your bridesmaids have different body types, different heights, different weight– why not find a dress to match the figure of the bridal party. Bridal shops have many option and style types… Just ensure that all of your bridal party still look uniform and that their dress compliments you (The bride). Keep in mind that your bridesmaid who has a bigger bust, may not be comfortable in a strapless dress – she may need a little extra support. The proper undergarments must be considered when purchasing dresses.


  1. Remember to include your bridal party in the decision making process – While you (The bride), have the final say on the dress, it would be nice just to run your decision by the bridal party to ensure that they are comfortable with what you have chosen. It’s worth it to have beautiful and happy bridesmaids.