7 Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding

Wedding Beach Décor

The ocean background, the sound of the waves, the relaxing atmosphere, is all that one could want on their wedding day, however, there are certain things you must consider before planning your beach wedding. Here are 7 Tips to remember when planning a beach wedding.


  1. You must have a plan B (especially in Florida). Please have a second venue locked in. Perhaps your reception venue can be an option (you will need to check with them, as there will most likely be an additional fee to start an hour or two before the contracted time).


  1. Speak with your rental company to see if there is some flexibility with the drop off/ set up time. Generally, rental companies have specific drop off and pick up times (because they have multiple events in one day)- so ensure that your plan B of setting up at a different location can work with their schedule.


  1. Ensure that you inform your guest (preferably on the wedding invitation) if there is a fee for parking. Guest will be unhappy if they do not have a heads up. Some parking meters do not accept cards or cash, so if they need to have the exact change- They must know in advance. Not everyone carries $2.25 in coins.


  1. Think about your guest and how they will feel sitting in the sun waiting for your wedding to begin. It’s so important to start on time. The sun makes people cranky lol. No one wants to look cute and have their outfits sticking to them when they get out of there seat. Perhaps you can have fans as programs, have a water/ lemonade stand, Sunscreen Spray for guest & perhaps umbrellas or tent. Keep in mind that both umbrella’s & tents – can take away from the photography.


  1. Think about accessibility for the older guest. Sand is hard to walk in (even for the younger guest). So keep in mind that although you may want to get as close to the light house as possible, you may have to settle for half way. Your guest will appreciate, your bridal party, the older guest and most of all the vendors who are setting up and breaking down lol.


  1. Ensure that you have a designated clean up person at the end of the ceremony. Most of the beaches you would have had to pay a permit fee. If the beach is left in disarray you will be billed. The rental companies responsibility is to pick up the things the rented to you – Not to clean the beach.


  1. This may be obvious but carry lotion- Sand can make you very ashy- and you want to cute for your big day. If you are doing the garter removal – keep in mind that the photographer will be taking some up close pics- so you want your legs to look good.