Should brides get a wedding website?

Wedding websites are a good way to have all your wedding information in one place. This website allows for the majority of those annoying calls by family & friends who do not read the invitation to be directed to a website with EVERYTHING they would need to know – they can even RSVP through the wedding website. Wedding website can be a little time consuming, in gathering and inputting the information, but once everything is up and running, guaranteed, your wedding planning will become a lot easier – you will also be saving a lot of air in NOT having to repeat the same information at least 5 times a day :>

The following elements can be incorporated into your wedding website:


  • Guest can actually RSVP through the website for easy tracking


  • Where & When the wedding will take place
  • Specific Attire
  • Gift Registry
  • Pictures of the bride and groom
  • Love story of the bride and groom
  • Brief Introduction of the bridal party


  • Hotel Options
  • Things to do in the area

I recommend wedding websites specifically for destination weddings or larger weddings just to keep everything organized and in one place. If you are only having a 20 guest count wedding and they are all immediate family, then perhaps the website would not be needed.

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