Assigned Seating at Weddings

There is nothing worse than coming to a wedding and not having assigned seating (place cards or a seating chart)- here’s why:

  • Weddings and organization go hand in hand. A guest that maybe loud & drinks a lot should not sit at a table with a guest that maybe reserved….
  • Whilst the bridal party and immediate family go to take pictures… if there is no assigned seating when the Bridal Party comes in – they may be forced to sit to the back of the banquet hall – because all the good spots have been taken. (Not good)
  • If your meal is plated, your place cards will let your servers know what your guest will be eating. This will prevent the server from taking orders at the table (as if it’s a regular outing at McDonalds).
  • You may have some people that just don’t get along with certain people – maybe a recently divorced couple that would prefer to sit at different tables. Assigned seating would ensure that everyone at the table is comfortable and happy.

Place cards are very cost effective, they have templates all over the internet, which you can print at your local printing shop (e.g. FedEx) or print at home – keep in mind that the paper should be think / bonded paper. The font should be legible – Some people like to use cursive writing, however, it is best to use a print font. Each person and / or couple will have an individual card with there name (and if having a plated meal) – will have their meal choice.

Some couples opt for seating charts – again these templates you can find on the internet, consider Etsy (they have many beautiful downloadable templates). Seating Charts are generally placed just at the entrance of the reception banquet hall on an easel where guest can look for their names alphabetically and determine the table they are sitting at.

These are some of the basic reasons to have assigned seating at a wedding. It is essential to a smooth and successful start of your reception. Although it is very time consuming to put place cards and/or seating chart together, you will be happy with the results.