Creating your wedding guest list

First things first – make a list of the guest that are very important to you, ones that you can’t see yourself getting married without. These individuals can be your immediately family, best friends & people that you truly love- ones that encourage you and are supportive of your relationship.

There is a few things you should know when starting your guest list:

1.       Just because someone invited you to their wedding does not mean that you have to invite them. Perhaps you were invited to a former coworkers wedding 10 years ago, you no longer work with them and really aren’t so close anymore – well… they don’t need to be invited.

2.       All family does not need to be invited.  I’ve had weddings were there are 200 guest (only on the brides side)- Please be informed that you only need invite the family that you are close with. It is not necessary to invite your 5th cousin that you have never spoken with.

3.       This is your wedding not your mom or dad’s. Of course you want your parents to be happy but you have the final say as to who can and cannot come to your wedding. All of mom’s coworkers cannot come – Sorry (Not sorry).

4.       Think about the venue you want to have your wedding at – a lot of the venues have a maximum number of seating – If your heart is set on a particular venue – inquire about the seating capacity and then work on your guest list.

5.       Keep in mind that you want to be very specific on your invitations. If you are inviting adults only – put that wording on the invitation. If you are inviting Mr & Mrs. Brown (and not the other 5 that live in the house) – ensure that you put Mr. & Mrs. Brown (Only) on the invitation.

Remember you cannot invite everyone and some people will be upset – and that’s ok. Most will understand and wish you well regardless – Those who don’t well…. It’s ok- you can’t please everyone.