Day of Coordination

Listen, I understand that budget is key for your wedding, however, the one thing you do not want to cut out is a Day of Wedding Coordinator.

On the day of your wedding- you cannot be both bride and planner (nor can your mom or bridesmaid). They may be able to assist up until the day of your event – but on “THE DAY” it’s impossible to play both roles.

Here are some things that your Day of Planner will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that your Make Up artist, Hair Stylist, Photographer, Videographer have the correct hotel, your room number and arrive timely
  • Acts as mediator is there are some difficult family members/ guest etc….
  • Ensures that your vendors set up according to their contract, set up on time and do not leave before time
  • Prepare and adhere to the wedding timeline (ensuring that things happen when they should)
  • During speeches (ensuring that only those designated to give a toast do so…. and do so within the allotted time)
  • Ensures that the caterer serves the appetizer and main course at the appropriate time
  • Ensures that the DJ Plays the correct songs
  • Makes sure that the Emcee has the correct order for the introductions
  • Makes sure that your florist has provided you with the correct number of personal flowers and delivers them
  • Ensures that your venue sets up the tables and chairs as indicated on your seating chart
  • Planner will place personal items that your venue is not responsible for such as (Place cards, Cake Knife Set, Toasting Flutes, Card Box etc…)
  • At the end of the night your planner packs up all your personal items

There really is so much more that a planner does that is not listed above. A Planner really is non negotiable on your wedding day.